Lithography, electroplating and moulding

We manufacture delicate parts and elegant lettering solutions by means of LIGA (lithography, electroplating and moulding). The lithographic reproduction process is used primarily for manufacturing high-precision components or lettering out of nickel or copper.

Graphics and illustrations are applied by means of illumination to a base plate coated with photoresist. Lettering and logos, for example, are "shaped" in the desired metal by means of electroplating.

Other areas of application include the watch industry and the electronics industry.


  • Manufacturing of very fragile and complex 2D and 3D parts
  • Clean and precise implementation, wall thicknesses from 0.01 mm can be achieved
  • The shape can also be made conical on one or both sides
  • Geometry of openings: square, hexagonal, slit-shaped or round in various configurations or even as a random pattern

Fields of activity

  • Electronics
  • Watch industry
  • Sieving machines
  • Sieve printing
  • Lettering