Surface treatment and finishing

The requirements for surface treatment and finishing are diverse and range from corrosion and wear resistance through to current conductivity and optical finishing.

Our strengths

  • Whether corrosion protection, decorative effects or functional coatings – we will find the optimal solution for your project
  • Expertise in electroless nickel plating
  • Modern water cleaning system to protect our environment
  • Flexible order processing
  • Adherence to deadlines and extremely reliable
  • Your competent partner with a diverse offering


  • Aluminium
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel


Electroless nickel

Electroless nickel is a chemical coating made of a nickel-phosphorous alloy. It is primarily applied to metal materials for the purpose of resistance against wear and corrosion.



Silver coatings can have highly reflective properties. When using silver electrolyte, we avoid metallic brighteners in order to ensure low electrical resistance.



The soft metal is used for various purposes such as the reduction of rubbing in the textile industry. As it is a taste neutral and harmless metal, it is often used in the food industry for tin plate production for tin cans.



Copper layers offer extremely high electrical and heat conducting properties, which are only surpassed by silver. Copper is therefore often used as a heat and electricity-conducting layer.



The raised layer is bound more effectively with the base material, and overlays improve corrosion and surface protection. This process can also balance out marks in the material or from a previous processing step.


Other processes

Chrome (rough polish)

Bright and semi-bright nickel

Sulfamate nickel

Zinc/blue passivation, RoHS-conform

Passivation of non-ferrous metal and chrome steel

Ask us about our decorative coatings too: from nickel to chrome, we offer a variety of optical finishing processes.

We can also help you with surface protection through passivation, enhancing the corrosion protection of your workpieces.

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