The soft metal is used for various purposes such as the reduction of rubbing in the textile industry. As it is a taste neutral and harmless metal, it is often used in the food industry for tin plate production for tin cans.

The silver-white matt look of the metal also speaks for itself, as does the high conductivity. The latter is a special bonus in the manufacturing of soldered contact elements in the electronics industry. The tin process is also used as tarnish protection for non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.


  • Excellent soldering properties
  • Harmless for food and drinking water
  • Good oil retention properties
  • Precipitation of high purity


Post-treatment such as passivation or an additional thermal procedure, can change or strengthen the properties of a coating. Our experts are happy to offer you advice for your project – contact us to find the optimal surface treatment for your workpiece.


Corrosion protection
Dimensional tolerance
Degree of hardness
Chemical resistance
Wear resistance
Contour accuracy
Thermal conductivity
Electrical conductivity
Suitability for use with foodstuff