Welcome to BWB-Iten

We offer a wide range of surface treatments: Electroless nickel plating with all its benefits is one of our fields of expertise. In the area of electroforming, we produce 3D forms and elegant lettering solutions using real metal. In 2016, our company became part of the BWB Group, which offers a variety of aluminium surface treatments.


BWB-Iten is your ideal partner for challenging coatings: from electroless nickel to tin, we offer a wide range of galvanised surface coatings.

Electroforming: Liga

We manufacture delicate parts and elegant lettering solutions by means of LIGA (lithography, electroplating and moulding). This technology is used primarily for manufacturing high-precision components or lettering made of nickel or copper.

Electroforming: Mould construction

Electroplating mould construction is a method used for the manufacturing or reproduction of highly precise, complex moulded, three-dimensional components for tool construction, for example.

Fields of activity

Thanks to sound material knowledge and expertise in the process for electroplating and chemical surface finishing, BWB-Iten has earned itself a good reputation in many diverse fields of activity.

Mechanical engineering
Medical technology
Textile industry



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